Ones to Watch!

Introducing the First Annual Ones to Watch! CPS Tech Innovator Award Winners

Jennie Magiera, Teacher, NTA: Jennie has shown exemplary work in promoting and transforming innovative technology into high-quality classroom learning and instruction. What makes her work so impressive is the way she leverages innovative technology such as iPads, self-created videos, and online forms to improve assessment practices and increase differentiation. Last year, Jennie began implementing a 1:1 iPad grant and is now overseeing the expansion of the grant to 9 other classrooms in her school. Schools from around the world including higher education teams have visited her classroom to learn from her trailblazing work. She has been highly collaborative with sharing information, opening up her classroom, and pushing the envelope on how to transform the classroom. Her dedication to her students and their learning is unheralded.

Brad Fisher, Technology Coordinator, Disney: Over the past 11 years, this technology coordinator has transformed his school from a school with one computer lab with a teacher to now having over 18 computer labs and over 700 computers. He continues to upgrade and evolve with technology in his school by bringing technology into the hands of the teachers and students as witnessed by his transition from computer labs to promethean boards to tablet computers.

Fran Feeley, Librarian, Inter-American: Fran provides a high-quality library program to his school which incorporates literacy, researching and multi-media. Through the use of different presentation tools such as Wikispaces, Voicethread, and Glogster students are gaining skills which help with digital literacy, collaboration with peers and effective research. He has quickly become a national leader across librarians for new look interactive libraries.

Kenn Freeman, Teacher, Spencer: Kenn has changed the culture of his school through technology. There was a time at Spencer where technology was something that was used only by teachers, with little opportunity for students to explore and construct their learning. Now students can be seen using IPADs on a daily basis, working on math problems using Interactive White Boards, and using Nooks for reading. He has also been instrumental for moving to an online curriculum. This is all due to Kenn's vision and contributions to his school.

Carolyn Skibba, Technology Coordinator, Burley: Carolyn is a nationally recognized technology leader who continuously looks for new ways to use technology to transform teaching and learning, make learning more engaging for her students, and connect students to each other and the outside world.  She has spearheaded multiple successful technology implementations such as the TIP one-to-one laptop program and was one of the first CPS educators to bring iPads into the classroom. She leads a team that is highly collaborative and trailblazing the use of technology not only for CPS, but for the world.

Nicole Zumpano, Teacher, May: For the last four years Nicole has been the lead technology teacher at May. She oversees programs such as the Columbia College Team grant and Adobe Youth Voices. She has taken her students to local, state, and national conferences to promote and showcase the importance of technology in the classroom, which proves her dedication to her students and love for technology. She recently received the teacher of the year award through the Chicago Foundation for Education.