TechTalk is set-up in a conference-style format, where participants can choose from a wide-variety of sessions during each hour of the day. Sessions will cover four main topics of discussion: Technology Integration, Managing School Technology, Technology Integration in Libraries, and General. See below for some of the sessions being offered at this year's event.

Session 1 (10:00-10:45 am)  |   Session 2 (11:00-11:45 am)
Session 3 (1:15-2:00 pm)      |   Session 4 (2:15-3:00 pm)

Concurrent Session 1: 10:00 - 10:45 a.m.
Reinventing the Classroom: iPads at NTA
Presentation session – Spotlight session

NTA implemented a 1-to-1 iPad program in one room for the 2010-2011 year and this year has expanded to nine classrooms, four of which are 1-to-1. The four 1-to-1 teachers are a 4/5 math teacher, a 4/5 science/social studies teacher, a middle school special education teacher and a K-8 music teacher. These four educators are going to share how their implementation of the iPad grant is going, and discuss how they strive for the level of implementation in the SAMR innovation model (substitute > augment > modify > REINVENT). They will share lessons, strategies, tips and app suggestions.

 Jennie Cho Magiera, National Teachers Academy; Anita Orozco, National Teachers Academy; Holly Mullenix-Stack, National Teachers Academy; and Autumn Laidler, National Teachers Academy
Edmodo and Google Forms: Transform your Classroom Workflow
Presentation session

Integrating technology is exciting, but sometimes managing all the links, resources, and communication can be overwhelming.  Come hear how two free, easy tools can streamline your classroom workflow and make it simple to share links, facilitate digital discussions, conduct quizzes and assessments, and promote 24/7 learning.

 Nick Giacobbe, Burley and Carolyn Skibba, Burley
Advanced Communication & Collaboration with Google Apps
Presentation session

Did you know that Google Apps is free for any school?  Would you like to revolutionize the way your school community communicates?  Join us for a look at how Google Apps can advance your school’s email, document, storage and event management. Participants will vote on the topics they're most interested in that will help guide which items are addressed in the workshop. The presenters will be prepared to demonstrate the use of and provide hands on practice with the following topics: The Application & Setup Process, Creating a Staff Website with a Help Desk, Discipline Referral System, Class Webpages, & Discussion Forum, Using Forms, Spreadsheets & Reports to Document RTI & PBIS, Sharing & Editing Live Documents, Using Forms to Easily Send, Collect & Grade Exit Slips & Quizzes, Add-on Apps & Single Sign-on Options for Khan Academy, BrainPop, Aviary & More. As a bonus, participants will receive access to our MyData app which gives students quick access to their assessment scores and goals. 
SPEAKERS: Erik Unterschuetz, Brown and Susan Switzer, Brown
Exploring Instructional Uses of YouTube
Presentation session

In this session, we will investigate classroom uses of YouTube videos and tools. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, yet many educators discount this video repository as a source of useful educational content. Come find out how to publish to YouTube and also how you can curate educational content in your own YouTube channel! 
SPEAKER: Lucy Gray, Lucy Gray Consulting
Using Social Media is Good Teaching!
Presentation session

How do online collaborative tools help sharpen our students’ critical thinking skills and build a community of learners? Social media tools such as blogs, Twitter, Diigo, Tumblr, Vimeo, and Prezi have been designed to give users an experience that actually mirrors how we learn best. In this session, leaders from CPS and Columbia College will offer concrete ideas for embedding digital media tools in academic lessons to maximize student engagement and learning.  Get hands-on experience using several tools and walk away with free and easy ways to boost your current lessons and even improve your own personal media use. Come collaborate with us!
SPEAKERS: Meridith Bruozas, Education Technology; Elizabeth Parrott, Columbia College; Joanne Vena, Columbia College; and Maurya Orr, Columbia College
Using the SOAR Integrated Library System to facilitate student inquiry and reading
Presentation session

The SOAR Integrated Library System (ILS) includes many features and functions for supporting classroom instruction, research, and reading activities.  Any student or teacher can use the system to find materials to address specific reading goals, e.g. by Lexile, grade level, or interest level; share reading experiences across the CPS community by rating or reviewing texts; research a topic across databases; create and share lists of items; and access a district-wide collection of ebooks for all grade levels.  Schools may also be able to search their local library collection if the school has implemented the SOAR library system as their local catalog.  To see if your school has implemented the SOAR system, see this directory of SOAR libraries:  
SPEAKER: Christie Thomas, Department of Libraries
Rethinking Teaching & Learning Using iPads & Audio/Video Technologies
Presentation session

Are you interested in moving from textbooks to a totally digital curriculum environment? Looking to take a leadership role in your school to utilize computer and mobile device technologies to achieve this? Spencer Technology Academy is a trailblazing CPS elementary school that is laying the foundation for moving to "On-Line & On-Device" curricula via iPads, MacBooks, and digital products from Pearson Education. This session will focus on the leadership decisions, curriculum research, iPad deployment, professional development, student impact, and future plans for achieving this goal.
SPEAKERS: Kenneth Freeman, Spencer; Janene Maclin, Spencer; and Steven McWade, Spencer
Using the iPad for Low-incidence
Presentation session

Mary Gurley is a special education teacher in a low-incidence cluster program at Nettelhorst Elementary School. The iPads have completely transformed her teaching in the classroom and created a more accessible community and environment for her students.  Students can be seen using the iPads in almost all content areas as well as places in the school building and greater community. Initially, Mary thought the iPads would serve as a communication device, but it became clear early on that they could serve an even greater purpose.  The iPads have been used to measure reading comprehension and math skills students.  They have aided in behavior management plans.  And most importantly they have served as a vehicle to bridge the divide between special education and general education students. Come to this powerful session to learn about how these technologies can be applied in a low-incidence classrooms.
SPEAKER: Mary Gurley, Nettlehorst
Underwater Robotics: Discover the Possibilities
Presentation session – Spotlight session

Learn how your students can make STEM connections and underwater discoveries with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). During this session you will learn how middle school students at Chicago Public School's Eli Whitney Technology Magnet Cluster School built their own ROV, conducted field research with it, and observed how science, technology, engineering and math inspired their inquiry and real world connections.
SPEAKER: Latina Booker-Taylor, Eli Whitney and Felix Bahena, Eli Whitney
A Techco Primer: Managing Technology Assets using INSIGHT, Deep Freeze, and RDC Presentation session – Spotlight session

As the sole Technology Coordinator in a high school with 1300 students and 200 staff members, Abraham Bolden will demonstrate how to leverage time and resources using  CPS provided tools. Tools to be covered are: Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack, Fixed Asset Register - How to assign assets, Faronics INSIGHT/Deep Freeze, and Asset Compliance System (Compliance Report/Self Service). Each topic will be 6 minutes in length, with 5 minutes between topics available for Q/A. 
SPEAKER: Abraham Bolden, Harlan
TechCrew – A student led technical support option for your school
Presentation session

Does your school have a Tech Crew?  If not, attend this session to get information on the program and manager, the exciting expansion plans, and how to sign up.
SPEAKER: Anthony Williams, Information & Technology Services

Computer/Device Acquisitions & Management
Presentation session

In this session, participants will engage in discussions on computer acquisitions and management with topics such as managing of older computers including warranty information, asset disposal, acquiring used computers, and an analysis on the cost of CPS computers vs. outside entities. Time will be available for participants to submit questions and pressing questions to be addressed.
SPEAKERS: Belvie Foster, Information & Technology Services and Debbie Larkin, Information & Technology Services
New Online & Digital Resources to Support CCSS Implementation
Presentation session

Are you interested in bringing 21st century media tools into your school library program? Attend this session to learn about new online and digital resources available to librarians and teachers to support successful CCSS implementation.  Get information on the CPS Virtual Library, eReaders and mobile devices in the library, the SOAR integrated library system, CPS online databases, and new online technology training modules available to every teacher in your school.

SPEAKERS: Jeremy Dunn, Department of Libraries and Lisa Perez, Department of Libraries
The Art of Blogging
Presentation session

This presentation will explore how educators can use blogging as a successful tool in the classroom/library.  This presentation will focus on three main areas: 1) how blogging is used as a positive space for educational thinking, dialogue and reflection, 2) how blogging enables educators to develop a personal learning network that supports and challenges thought, and 3) a review of resourceful blogs written by educators. Attendees will learn how the influence of blogging has contributed to increased reading scores at a Chicago south side high school.

SPEAKER: K.C. Boyd, Phillips
All Things IMPACT
Presentation session

IMPACT has made some significant changes over the last two years. This interactive session will provide an overview of IMPACT, current work and upgrades, and the roadmap for where the management suite is going. Participants will leave with a solid understanding of the Gradebook, Parent Portal, CIM, SIM, SSM, and Verify. Question and Answer session will be included.

SPEAKER: Phillip DiBartolo, Information & Technology Services
Using Ed Tech and Library Resources for the Full School Day
Presentation session

Are you looking for information on the Full school day next year? Have you thought about how technology and the librarian resources can play a key role in this transition? Come to this session to prepare and share ideas around how technology can put your school ahead of the curve! Participants will leave with a good understanding of the process for the Full day, discuss technology options for utlizing this time, discuss how libraries and resources can play a role, and strategies for spearheading this within your school. Leverage the Full day to be the change catalyst for your school!

SPEAKERS: Monica Lee, Chief Instruction Office and Sundar Chari, Chief Instruction Office

The Interactive Whiteboard Classroom using Promethean boards
Presentation session

Three current classroom teachers will showcase and demonstrate how they have used Promethean Interactive Whiteboards to transform their classrooms. This can't miss session will demonstrate teaching with pre-school students present, show the integration of math instruction including dual user, "Dueling math problems" functionality of the board, cover ActivExpression hand held devices, and can also show the integration of these with Brainpop. You will leave knowing how to transform lessons you currently teach into interactive presentations that engage your students.  The use of student response systems will also be demonstrated.
SPEAKERS: Jennifer Eng, Disney Magnet; Arelys Villeda, Disney Magnet; and Bill Cataldo, Disney Magnet

CIM: Accessing Data
Hands-on session
Need to access you school or class data?  Most data in CIM is virtually two clicks away in CIM.  This session is a hands-on training for accessing data in CIM.
SPEAKER: Seye Simpkins, Information & Technology Services
No Classroom Left Behind – Bringing Collaboration to Education
Presentation session

Mixing the old with the new makes sense as faculty, staff, students, parents, and the community considers technology to support collaboration in education.  Blending traditional communication like the telephone with advanced technologies like mobile and online access broadens the collaboration experience.  Imagine automating applications like a homework hotline, emergency services or activity notification, and letting recipients choose how they receive information i.e. text, phone, web, email, etc. 
During this session, you’ll benefit from a discussion on ways to
  • blend old and new communication technologies to accelerate collaboration across telephones, portals, iPads, iPod Touch, etc
  • empower “bring your own device” while maintaining the privacy and security on Wi-Fi
  • enable the voice and data communications needs within budget guidelines
SPEAKER: Jane Montemayor, Avaya Inc.
BrainPOP for the Interactive Whiteboard- Tips and Tricks
Presentation session

For the SMART Notebook or Promethean users.   Learn tips and tricks of how to better incorporate BrainPOP with an interactive whiteboard. Discover how to use tools, such as image capture and lesson resources, and to incorporate interactive elements to enhance your lessons. Explore reveals such as tabs, magic paper and erase to discover.  We will also discuss instructional methods and resources such as student clickers, image gallery, and downloaded lessons to make your IWB lessons POP!
SPEAKER: Mike Jones, Bloomington Public School District
Concurrent Session 2: 11:00 – 11:45 a.m.
22nd Century Skills... Today! Bringing Future Tech into the Classroom
Presentation session – Spotlight session

Why is everyone focusing on 21st century skills? That skill-set is over a decade old! Rather than looking back, Dembo will look to the future and identify technology trends that you need to know about. From gadgets to apps, we’ll explore the bleeding edge of technology and how you can start incorporating it into your classroom today.
SPEAKER: Steve Dembo, Discovery Education
iPads: Transforming Teaching and Learning
Presentation session

Please join us for a look into model classrooms that have successfully integrated iPads into their K-12 learning environment. Classrooms from various grade levels will be highlighted to show how iPad technology has transformed the way teachers teach and students learn. You will see examples of how iPads help teachers differentiate instruction, transform teaching for special needs students and English Language Learners, increase student engagement, enhance the assessment methods of students, and allow for teachers and students to create their own content.
SPEAKERS: Margaret Murphy, Education Technology and Stephanie Meewes, Kanoon
Common Core & Technology for Reading/ELA
Presentation session

This session will be providing examples of authentic technology-infused literacy activities and how these activities address the Common Core Standards in two different ways.  The Standards mention the use of technology as a tool that can enhance instruction to address a number of standards.  In addition, technology is also the primary focus in several standards that students must master in order to become college and career ready.  This presentation will be appropriate for language arts teachers, content teachers, technology coordinators, administrators and reading specialists who are in one:one classroom environments or only have one computer or iPad that the classroom shares. Specific websites and Web 2.0 technologies will be highlighted as tools that teachers can use to support online reading comprehension and new literacy's.
SPEAKERS: Rob Residori, Education Technology and Sussan Oladipo, Education Technology
Using Google Sites to create student portfolios
Presentation session

Students at North Lawndale Prep are in the process of using Google sites to create online portfolios of their work and progress in our class. During the presentation, Katie Bordner will briefly discuss the reasoning behind the portfolio, walk through the steps for teachers to set this up for their students, and address some "lessons learned," (things that didn't quite work out, and what she would do differently).
SPEAKER: Katie Bordner, North Lawndale Prep
Using LessonPort for Developmental Disabilities and Autism
Presentation session

This session will explore the LessonPort website that is a great resource for developmental disabilities and autism. Research has shown that visual-based technology increases academic retention. Lessonport currently has lessons that can be utilized through a Smart board, Starboard, or even a PC with additional lessons being added daily. A great session for anyone interested in using technology in the special education classrooms.
SPEAKER: Dale Loggins, Southside Occupational Academy
Web 2.0 Tools for the Techno-Challenged Teacher
Presentation session

In this workshop we will explore some of the well-established and latest Web 2.0 tools available for teachers and students. We will focus on FREE tools! Learn alternate ways to present your content in exciting and engaging ways and offer your students differentiated ways for them to demonstrate their knowledge with these online tools.
SPEAKER: Fred Koch, Sauganash
Broadcast Technology & Digital Media - Past, Present & Future
Presentation session

This presentation is a basic outline of the Broadcast Technology & Digital Media Program within the division of Career and Technical Education under the newly-reorganized Office of Preparation for College and Careers.  It will detail the direction, curriculum, business and post secondary partnerships and future endeavors of these programs throughout 20 high schools in Chicago.
SPEAKER: Rashaan Meador, Career and Technical Education (CTE)
SMART 3-Dimensional: The Interactive Classroom using SMART Boards
Presentation session

Go beyond using the SMART board as a presentation tool and pick up innovative ways to transform your classroom into an interactive, student-centered environment.  Learn how resources like the iPad and iPevo can work in conjunction with the SMART board to make the classroom three-dimensional.
SPEAKERS: Stephen Bingham, Falconer and Sylvia Dabrowski, Falconer
Be an Upstander! Addressing Cyberbullying in Schools
Presentation session

Schools can help stop bullying before it starts by encouraging students to move from being "bystanders" to "upstanders." In this presentation, participants learn what cyberbullying is, what students should do if they are targeted, and how they can educate students about cyberbullying. Participants will be introduced to Common Sense Media’s Cyberbullying Toolkit, which offers key lesson plans, engaging videos, a parent outreach kit, and resource links for administrators and kids. A teacher from a Chicago school who has implemented Common Sense Media’s cyberbullying lessons will be featured. Leave with ideas and tools you can implement immediately in your school.
SPEAKER: Sue Tholtz, Common Sense Media

101 Favorites
Presentation session

Take a whirlwind tour of over 101 tried and true educational web sites to use with students. Teachers will learn to assist students in working independently and staying actively engaged by becoming familiar with educational software such as Kerpoof Studio, BrainPop (which provides short movies and quizzes that give immediate feedback to demonstrate understanding), and other technological aides.  Attendees will take away an online favorites list of over 100 web sites.  Participants will use Google to bookmark every site and have it available from any machine with Internet access. Please have a Google login ready.
SPEAKER: Mary Maloney, Claremont
Asset Tracking Tools
Presentation session

This presentation will present tools developed in-house to track asset inventory and manage technology resources. Tools include bar code scanners for speedier inventory, a web-based search tool to identify checked out items, automated email reminders for checked out items and a searchable troubleshooting database. These tools reduce management time of resources and increase tracking of resources especially in larger schools.
SPEAKER: Gian Luca Ferme, Clemente
CPS Social Media and Effective Practices
Presentation session

Are you following CPS on twitter and facebook? Are you looking for information on how to use social media in your school and district policies? This session will cover the CPS social media streams, how to effectively manage this in your school, what is considered acceptable use, and more.
SPEAKERS: Alex Soble, Office of Communications; Atif Musa, Information & Technology Services; and Lisa Perez, Department of Libraries
Desktop Management: Insight, Deepfreeze, Virtualization, etc.
Presentation session

This collaborative session will focused on desktop management hot topics including Thin Clients, nComputing, Insight, and Deepfreeze to name a few. Come with your questions and knowledge and this is sure to be a great knowledge sharing discussion.
SPEAKER: Gabe Sterritt, Information & Technology Services
iPad Productivity: Research Project Examples for Late Elementary and Middle School
Presentation session – Spotlight Session

At Inter-American and Namaste, the school librarians collaborated with 5th grade teachers to create research projects with iPads. Participants will leave with information and practical ideas on how to replicate this based on what each of these schools did. This session will address how the students generated research questions, accessed various information sources using iPad applications, created Keynote presentations based on their research findings, wrote scripts that corresponded to their presentation slides, combined their slides and voice recordings of their scripts using the iPad application VoiceThread, used Doodle Buddy, Photo Crop, and how they published this to a website and looped in parents. 
SPEAKERS: Fran Feeley, Inter-American and Julie Hunefeld, Namaste
You Media: A Digital Playground
Presentation session

Come explore the You Media space located in the Harold Washington Library.  This session will provide an overview of the space, how CPS schools and students can take advantage of this technology space, and provide some replication ideas for your school. This session is a great view into how libraries should be designed or transformed. 
SPEAKER: Taylor Bayless, Chicago Public Libraries
VOISE Academy: Successful Blended Model
Presentation session

This can't miss session covers the VOISE academy model, which is the innovative, national award winning CPS high school that is a model for 1:1 and hybrid schooling. Principal Todd Yarch and team will take participants through technology related decisions and management that have worked well, lessons learned, and future plans for the school. This is a great session for individuals looking to see how future schools may look!
SPEAKER: Todd Yarch, VOISE Academy
Who Owns the Learning
Presentation session

Placing easy to use digital tools in the hands of our students can lead them to build very creative solutions such as tutorials to help classmates learn. We know that many children prefer to learn from their peers. Giving our students a sense of purpose toward making a contribution to the learning community can be one of the most powerful and effective ways of improving achievement for all students. We have under estimated the capacity of our students to lead and contribute to their learning community.

Six learning jobs will be outlined: Tutorial Designers, Official Scribes, Researchers, Global Communicators, Learning Documentary Producers, and Solving Real Problems. Explore ways to make student work meaningful, highly motivating, and consequential to the world around them.
SPEAKER: Alan November, November Learning
CIM: Test Creation
Hands-on session

This session is a hands-on training to explore the possibilities for online assessment creation in CIM.
SPEAKER: Seye Simpkins, Information & Technology Services
Digital Youth Network
Presentation session

The Digital Youth Network (DYN) is a hybrid digital literacy program that creates opportunities for youth to engage in learning environments that span both in-school and out-of-school contexts. The DYN model focuses heavily on the sixth- to eighth-grade experience through explicit connections to school-based curriculum, interest-based clubs that require youth to use new media literacies in order to participate, and remix competitions and “open shop” times (both virtual and place-based) where youth are supported in using new media literacies to explore their own questions and push their imaginations. This session will go over the program and offer some ideas on howyour students can get involved and/or how to replicate in your school. Participants will leave with relevant examples and ideas for how to use media resources for learning.
SPEAKERS: Nichole Pinkard, Digital Youth Network and Mike Hawkins, Digital Youth Network
Making Use of Predictive Outcomes to Guide Interventions
Presentation session

Being able to predict at the beginning of the year (or even years in advance) key educational outcomes – such as the likelihood of graduating on time, performance on the ACT test, scores on Advanced Placement tests, or end-of-year ISAT scores, and being able to update these predictions throughout the year – make it possible to evaluate how interventions have influenced changes in these predictions. Knowing how a student is likely to perform relative to a key evaluation and the reasons they are expected to produce the predicted result provides the basis for deciding the best strategy to improve their “trajectory” for each result.
SPEAKER: Kenneth Stehlik-Barry, PhD, IBM
Concurrent Session 3: 1:15 – 2:00 p.m.
Going Global: Preparing Students to Be Citizens of the World
Presentation session

With the advent of collaborative technologies, it is easier than ever to connect with classrooms around the world and it is essential that our students develop global competence. In this session, education consultant Lucy Gray will discuss global education initiatives, strategies for finding partner classrooms and specific tools that will allow you to bring the world to your school. Also, learn about the Global Education Conference, a virtual event dedicated to bringing educators together to share their work and establish connections for developing global projects.
SPEAKER: Lucy Gray, Lucy Gray Consulting
Safari Montage for Every Classroom
Presentation session

Did you know that every school in CPS has access to a huge digital content repository with exciting resources aligned to both State and Common Core standards?  Is your school taking advantage of this resource?  Learn how Safari Montage can help you differentiate instruction and increase student engagement. Stop by and learn about all the new features and upgrades recently made available to Safari (Home Access, Spanish language tracks, closed captioning, and streaming channels). This session will provide you with the information you need to have to ensure your students have access to this exciting CPS provided 21st century technology resource.
SPEAKER: Martin Mcguire, Education Technology
Beyond the Apps:  Transforming Learning with the iPad
Presentation session – Spotlight session

We all know that the iPad offers a wide range of engaging learning games and activities.  However, educational apps represent only a tiny fraction of the potential of the iPad.  Learn how teachers in grades 1 and 5 are using iPads for student publishing, collaboration, media production, blogging, authentic assessment, and more -- and truly transforming their classrooms in the process!
SPEAKERS: Kelly Johnson, Burley; Katie Muhtaris, Burley; and Carolyn Skibba, Burley
QR Codes in the Classroom
Presentation session

QR Codes are found everywhere these days- from gum wrappers to ketchup bottles to magazine advertisements.  How can they be used in education?  This session will provide participants with background information on QR codes, information on how to create and read codes, and examples of how they can be used in an elementary school setting.
SPEAKER: Nicole Zumpano, May Community Academy
How do you know all this?
Presentation session

"How do you know all this?" is a question technology integrators get asked often if they discover a new web tool or share a cool app or toss out a fantastic website. Do you wanna be the cool kid at your school who knows what's hot before anyone else? Come and find out where to find it first and how to share it! Discover, create and manage your Professional Learning Network.
SPEAKER: Kim Darche, Tarkington
Taking Advantage of Online Courses In Chicago Public Schools
Presentation session

Is your school taking advantage of the virtual learning courses? Within three years, CPS expanded online learning from five pilot schools in 2008 to over 80 schools in the 2011-2012 school year. We’ll give an overview on how Chicago Public Schools has incorporated online courses to supplement and enhance course offerings for middle school and high school students.  Highlights include helping students meet graduation requirements, our inclusion of project based learning, student’s opportunities to advance in high school or earn college credit and advancing student’s awareness of educational technology resources. If you currently offer online courses at your school, we will give tips and tools for engagement, best practices and resources. Participants will leave with information on how to take advantage of this powerful learning method.
SPEAKERS: Keisha Kidan, Education Technology; and Kaleena Marquez, Education Technology
Assistive Technologies Your School Should Know About
Presentation session

Are you aware of the assistive technology available to your school?  Come find out what Assistive Technology is, who benefits from using AT, and when it is appropriate to use AT.  Participants leaving this session will have a understanding of this program and information on how their school can take advantage of this.
SPEAKER: Julie Monahan, Office of Specialized Services
STEM - Technology Enhanced Learning Experiences – Concept First, Technology Second!
Hands-on session

Technology tools like broken calculator and other online math manipulative can help students really focus on the larger concept of number sense, whereas online simulation tools such as NetLogo and Geniverse can provide students an environment to manipulate variables and run virtual experiments on complex content. In this session focused on STEM, we will showcase a few tools that can help push conceptual understanding of content and model how these tools can fit into a classroom learning experience.  Lesson-like documentation and alignment to common core standards will be provided for any tools highlighted in this presentation. All tools showcased will be freeware.
SPEAKER: Meridith Bruozas, Education Technology
Finding Open Source Tools for the Classroom
Hands-on session

Are you struggling with your technology budget? Participants will explore resources to assist them with their open source tools selection.  Many times educators run across great sites, but where do they go to see if this “new find” has any educational value.  In this session participants learn about great open source tools review sites.
SPEAKER: Hassie Johnson, Education Technology
Realizing One-to-One iPad Management and Implementation
Presentation session

Are you interested in streamlining your iPad management? Looking to explore the instructional implications? Join us for a candid discussion about our lessons learned by moving from one iPad cart to five carts. Participants will vote on the topics they're most interested in that will guide which items are addressed in the workshop. The presenters will be prepared to demonstrate and answer questions about the following topics: Deployment, Updating & Syncing, Volume Purchasing, Restrictions, Settings & Configuration Profiles, Student & Staff Policies, Procedures & Rules, App Discovery & Evaluation Methods, Creating Simple Apps. Additional Equipment & Total Cost of Ownership, and Professional Development Best Practices. As a bonus, participants will receive access to our MyData app which gives students quick access to their assessment scores and goals.

SPEAKERS: Erik Unterschuetz, Brown and Susan Switzer, Brown
Imaging and Scripting for Technology Device Management
Presentation session

Looking to gather information on standard imaging and scripting? Come to this session for a review of board scripts, implementing a school domain, setting up network devices, user maintenance, resolving issues, and home folders information.
SPEAKER: Gabe Sterritt, Information & Technology Services
Network Infrastructure Updates
Presentation session

This interactive session will cover standard school network topics as well as open it up for questions and ideas from participants. Some topics include updating/upgrading school networks to Wireless-N Standard with WPA2 Encryption, fixing Ethernet outlets, VPN, content filtering, and resolving standard network issues.
SPEAKERS: Isaac Perez, Information & Technology Services and Anthony James, Information & Technology Services
How to get Creative with Technology to Combat Shrinking Budgets
Presentation session

Many of us feel at the mercy of shrinking budgets, less technology, and no time for training and professional development. Come to this session to discuss some creative ways to get the biggest bang for your buck with what you have in your school as well as discuss ways to ensure that your teachers and students have exposure to these necessary tools. Participants will learn ways that our schools are getting creative and have the opportunity to share what they are doing in their school.
SPEAKER: Matt Murphy, Marine Military Academy
KINECT in the Library
Presentation session

Three CPS librarians will provide information on their use of the Microsoft XBox KINECT system to expand their library resources.  They will share their experiences in participating in a district pilot, demonstrate the technology, and share best practices for leveraging the technology to support learning throughout their schools.  In addition to curriculum-based gaming activities, they will discuss using Xbox Live for avatar-based learning and videoconferencing.

SPEAKERS: Mary Beth Corbin, Byrne; Diane Papageorge, Marsh; and Stacie Bell, Pirie
iPads are Elementary
Presentation session
Presentation of fun, easy, and educational use of iPads in the classroom and/or library, with a focus on students in K-6th grades. Come and see this dynamic presentation by three librarians that will give you great iPad apps to use for creative, educational projects with your students.

SPEAKERS: Kathy Lynch, Chase; Nora Wiltse, Coonley; and Colleen Herman, Cooper
School Leadership Panel
Presentation session

Looking for a strategy to influence your school administrators around technology? Want to gather information for how leaders make technology decisions and/or creatively address common issues? These along with other questions from the participants will be addressed by a cadre of leading technology principals and leaders.

SPEAKERS: Shawn Jackson, Spencer; Ricardo Trujillo, Roosevelt; Amy Rome, National Teachers Academy; Todd Yarch, VOISE Academy; and Annette Gurley, Chief of School - Austin-North Lawndale ES Network
Parent Portal
Presentation session

Interested in advanced features of the parent portal? Want to collaborate on how to engage the parent community? This interactive session will review new functionality as well as discuss ideas for increasing parent involvement.
SPEAKER: Mitche Brown, Information & Technology Services
An Educators guide to delivering the skills and knowledge for the 21st century
Presentation session

The Mikva Challenge Education Council, a group of high school students from across the city, that have spent the past two years creating reports that focus on the effective delivery of 21st century skills and knowledge via school improvements and incorporating technology into schools. The Council's reports are comprehensive lists of about 15 recommendations they believe will better the Chicago Public School System in the areas of curriculum, technology, resources, and student-teacher accountability. In this workshop they plan on informing participants about some of their top recommendations (i.e. all texbooks should have an online version and teaching students to be responsible digital citizens). They want principals, teachers, tech coordinators to take something positive out of this workshop, and maybe even put it into their school plans.

 Mikva Challenge Students, Mikva Challenge
ChicagoQuest: Game-like Learning in Action
Presentation session

ChicagoQuest adapts an innovative education model currently being implemented in a New York City public school called “Quest to Learn". The school is designed to enable students to “take on” the identities and behaviors of explorers, mathematicians, historians, writers, and evolutionary biologists as they work through a dynamic, challenge-based curriculum with content-rich “questing to learn” at its core. This session will go over the concept and model and provide participants with a glimpse into what future schooling may look like.

 Michael Donhost, Chicago Quest; Patrick Hoover, Chicago Quest; and Jimmy Haycraft, Chicago Quest
Become Your School's PD data Leader!
Presentation session

If effective teaching advances student success, shouldn't teacher professional development (PD) always be relevant and impactful? Are you using the data available to you to enhance learning opportunities at your school and within your network? The newly-established CPS Office of Professional Learning is working to establish a learning construct that advances teacher practice in alignment with the Common Core Standards. Learn about the work of the new office and how data from CPS University will drive its focus and targets. You will leave with information, templates and tools to guide your evolution to school PD data guru!

 Susan Kajarwi-Ansai, Office of Instruction; Guy Swartz, Office of Instruction; and Lily McDonagh, Office of Instruction
Integrating Response Systems for Student Assessment
Presentation session

Join SMART education consultant, Nick Nicholson, to learn how to integrate "clickers" for student assessment. These devices help teachers track lesson comprehension to increase overall engagement.  Participants will learn how to create question sets on the fly, import question sets from Word documents and Examview and create answer sheets from existing textbooks and worksheets. CPS teachers will also provide case studies on how they are integrating their response systems in their classrooms and how they manage these devices with their students.
SPEAKER: Nick Nicholson, SMART
Concurrent Session 4: 2:15 – 3:00 p.m.
Safari Montage for Every Classroom
Presentation session – Spotlight session

Did you know that every school in CPS has access to a huge digital content repository with exciting resources aligned to both State and Common Core standards?  Is your school taking advantage of this resource?  Learn how Safari Montage can help you differentiate instruction and increase student engagement. Stop by and learn about all the new features and upgrades recently made available to Safari (Home Access, Spanish language tracks, closed captioning, and streaming channels). This session will provide you with the information you need to have to ensure your students have access to this exciting CPS provided 21st century technology resource.
SPEAKER: Martin Mcguire, Education Technology
An Introduction To Google Tools for Educators
Presentation session

In this workshop we will focus on Google tools, a FREE and powerful and easy-to-use suite of applications. We will explore some of the collaborative, creative and organizational tools for educators including Google Docs, Forms, Advanced Image Search, Custom Search Engines and more.
SPEAKER: Fred Koch, Sauganash

Effective Technology Practices at Disney
Presentation session
Disney Magnet has become a model for technology and how to integrate it. All 75 classrooms areas have Promethean boards. The school has over 700 computers, 17 labs, digital video production, digital music lab, ipad pilot, and a 21st century problem solving curriculum to name a few. Brad Fisher will present how all of this technology is managed, successful software and integrations being used, professional development for teachers, and their plans for a project-based learning curriculum where students work in teams, examining real world problems and create multimedia solutions.
SPEAKER: Brad Fisher, Disney Magnet

Using Voicethread as Instructional tools
Presentation session

Voicethreads are known as "group audio blogs" and are free tools available to teachers and students. Voicethread allows users to record text and audio comments about uploaded images. The format in Voicethreads are in the form of picture slide shows. This session will be highlighting recent collaborations with a few teachers and showcasing student work using this technology. Participants will leave this session with information on how these can be powerful teaching tools.
SPEAKER: Maria M. Cortez-Tafolla, Solorio Academy
Animoto 101 and Successful Teacher/Librarian Collaboration
Presentation session

This engaging session will provide an introduction and demonstration of the online tool, Animoto, a video slide show maker with music, which emphasizes video, music, and text, and its implications for use in the classroom. Also included will be step-by-step demonstration on using Animoto, including setting up an account, tips for sharing or embedding the video clips onto a webpage or wikipage, frequently asked questions session dealing with concerns, and finally strategies for successful collaboration between the Library Media Specialist and classroom teacher to integrate technology into the curriculum that is aligned to State, Core, and NETS standards.   
SPEAKERS: Freda D. Brown, Kenwood and Crystal Brown, Kenwood
Geographic Information Systems
Presentation session

Are you familiar with GIS? We will demonstrate ESRI's Arcmap 10 software as part of Roosevelt's new Geographic Information Systems course.  Participants will walk through the basics and map some Chicago data.  We will discuss potential applications for classroom teachers.
SPEAKER: Timothy Meegan, Roosevelt
Digital Citizenship: Providing Students A Roadmap to Online Life
Presentation session

Dive into Common Sense Media’s free K-8 education resources that help students learn to be safe and responsible digital citizens. You’ll be introduced to key lessons that help jump start learning on being safe and responsible online, touching on topics such as cyberbullying, privacy violations, and Internet safety. We’ll share resources that will help you build a whole-community approach around ethics and safety with students, teachers, and parents. A teacher from a Chicago school who has implemented Common Sense Media’s curriculum will be featured. You’ll walk away with ideas and tools you can implement immediately in your school.
SPEAKER: Sue Tholtz, Common Sense Media
Overcoming Technology Resistance
Presentation session

Learn tips, tools, and strategies to reduce technology-resistance at your school.  Help teachers overcome anxieties related to technology integration by following simple steps that will take them from being techno-phobes to techno-ninjas! 
SPEAKER: Derek Atchinson, Dvorak
Empowering the Student Voice
Presentation session

Have you heard of the great creative work coming out of the AYV program? Are you interested in participating in this grant next year? The Adobe Youth Voices program is the signature philanthropic effort of the Adobe Foundation intended to empower youth and educators through media making experiences that promote social change. Join us for an informational session to learn more about the Adobe Youth Voices program within CPS and experience what is happening in the classrooms already! Participants will get information on how to be included in the grant for 2012-13.
SPEAKER: Renee Schlatter, Education Technology
Edmodo: A Social Learning Network
Presentation session

Mrs. Berlage will give a presentation on how Edmodo can be used by classroom teachers and technology educators to harness the power of social media and customize their classrooms for each and every learner.  Edmodo is a secure web-based educational tool that enables students and teachers to share ideas, files, and assignments as well as resources.
SPEAKER: Fay Berlage, Sayre
Tech Coordinator Panel
Presentation session

Come collaborate with your peers!  This is an interactive session where three tech coordinators will briefly share how they are using technology in their school and engage the audience in conversation and a question/answer segment.

SPEAKERS: Stephen Tow, Goudy; Victor Herrera, Roosevelt; Kellie Sorrell, Healy; and Matt Kelley, Greeley
iPad Management in Schools
Presentation session

Struggling with managing iPads in your school? Join this session to discuss the management components of the iPad including the Absolute MDM software, Volume Purchasing Program, App management, setting up school accounts, asset tracking and more.

SPEAKERS: Kathy Iorizzo, ITS and Margaret Murphy, ITS
Advanced cataloging and circulation for librarians
Presentation session

Librarians currently using the SOAR integrated library system will learn about new features in recent system upgrades including the ability to edit MARC fields; see demonstrations of tips and tricks for improving workflows; and have the opportunity to ask questions.
SPEAKERS: Christie Thomas, Department of Libraries and Joseph Horning, Department of Libraries
Central Office Leadership Panel
Presentation session – Spotlight session

In this interactive session, the CIO, CAO, and Chief Education Office will address both current and future district initiatives and direction.  Question and Answer session will be included.
SPEAKER: Moderated by John Connolly, Central Office
Not Just a Novelty or Toy
Presentation session
This session will cover two key topic areas: iPad apps for the primary classrooms and the use of iPads by administrative staff including programs and Apps to increase productivity for administrators and staff.
SPEAKER: Matt Kelley, Greeley Elementary
Leadership: Managing the Transition
Presentation session

Our schools are at the beginning of a historic transition from paper as the dominant storage and retrieval media to the web. The initial response of bolting technology on top of the current design of school is a short-term process that will only yield marginal improvement. Contrast this “$1,000 pencil” approach with how society is transforming how, where, when, with whom and even why people work. Being self directed, managing global communications and overwhelming amounts of information have become critical job skills. The workshop is geared towards tech leadership teams and will include responses to the following critical leadership questions, such as:

How do we retain our educational and social values during this transition?
How do we redesign the culture of learning from a classroom with walls to every classroom expanding to global boundaries?
How do we build capacity within our schools for massive opportunities for professional development?
How do we engage our parent community, board and alumni as strategic partners in this transformation?
What should every student know to be prepared to make meaningful contributions to society?
What is the emerging definition of life-long learning?
How can we design more motivating and rigorous student work?
What is the balance of online learning with face-to-face learning?
How can school leaders provide the role models needed to set the tone and expectation of this transition?

SPEAKER: Alan November, November Learning
ISBE Overview of New and Exciting Initiatives
Presentation session
Want to learn about some of the new and exciting work coming from the state? ISBE will be presenting this session on the state shared learning environment plans stemming from the Gates grant and other technology initiatives coming out from the state. A question and answer session will be included at the end.
SPEAKER: Brandon Williams, ISBE
The New Student Vision for 21st Century Learning:  CPS Students  Speak Up about Emerging Technologies
Presentation session

The dynamic profusion of emerging technologies, both in school and out of school, is propelling today’s K-12 students to make new demands on their schools for a dramatically different kind of educational experience. 

Enabled, empowered and engaged, students have a unique vision for 21st century education that reflects their desires for social-based learning experiences that are un-tethered to the traditional classroom and rich in digital media and content.  The annual Speak Up National Research Project provides an exclusive window into the views of students on 21st century learning and technology.  In this breakout session, Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, will share the latest Speak Up results from K-12 students, parents and educators (both national and CPS specific data)  to stimulate new conversations about how to effectively leverage emerging technologies to drive both increased student achievement and teacher productivity.  Learn how your school can benefit from participating in the Speak Up surveys!

 Julie Evans, Project Tomorrow
Enabling the Virtual Classroom
Presentation session

Virtual tools are helping schools connect educators in unprecedented, interactive ways. By positioning video at the center of the interactive classroom, educators are using collaboration to make a lasting impact. With video learning, educators have the opportunity to partner with other schools, and each other, to share methodology, impart training and discuss best practices. This shared session will discuss how video is helping schools collaborate creatively and will discuss specific examples of school districts that are utilizing video in unique ways. Attendees will learn about leveraging smart boards in virtual learning environments to facilitate distance learning and professional development.
SPEAKER: Dr. Lance Ford, Cisco